2019 OMA Annual Conference

OMA 2019 - Sharing Culture: Enriching Communities
Join OMA in Akron, April 14-15, for our 2019 annual conference!

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Sharing Culture: Enriching Communities

2019 OMA Annual Conference

For many, museums serve as community anchors – as gathering spaces and vibrant neighborhood cornerstones. In those communities, museums are places to learn, to reflect and to share ideas.

But how can all museums ensure they are best serving their community’s needs? How can we empower our guests to feel ownership of the museum as their space - a place that reflects not only their story, but the greater story of humanity and our ever-changing world? How can museums continue to grow as the best stewards of our shared cultural heritage?

Join us in Akron, April 14-15 as we explore these topics and more at the 2019 Ohio Museums Association’s Annual Conference: Sharing Culture – Enriching Communities.

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4/14/2019 - 4/15/2019

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