How to Make Virtual Sessions More Engaging

With the rise of online learning, webinars, zoom conferences and more, it's become more important than ever to make sure your virtual sessions are engaging, and using the full capabilities of your online learning platform. Zoom fatigue is real, and attendees are starting to feel it - you've probably experienced it yourself during a session!

So what can a webinar or virtual presenter do to make sure they cut through the "virtual noise" and get their message across to their audience? What's the difference between giving an in-person presentation and giving a digital presentation? How do you keep a virtual audience engaged? 

This is an evolving topic, and virtual presenters are continually discovering creative ways to engage with their audience. See below for some ideas!

Share you Screen

Prepare PowerPoint, Video, or Audio Presentations to share during the session. Try to have a variety of engaging visuals.


Ask your session attendees to share their own experiences in the chat during your session.


Ask your session attendees questions and get feedback during your session.

Q and A

Have your session monitor or co-presenter keep track of attendee’s questions to be answered during the session to help shape it or after the session is over. 

Breakout Rooms

With the help of your moderator you can break your audience up into smaller groups to hold focused discussions, then report back to the larger group.

Attendee Participation

Have the moderator promote one or more attendees to panelists and have them share their experiences through audio and video for your audience.

Whiteboard/Brainstorming Sessions

Share your screen in order to take notes as you hold a brainstorming session through chat or by making attendees panelists.

Scavenger Hunts

Send attendees out on a virtual scavenger hunt, have them find and share what they consider to be the best online examples in our field of social media accounts, web sites, virtual tours, etc.

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