Meet the Board: Khaz Finley

Khaz Finley, Education and Museum Outreach - Corporate Communications and Engagement
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Learning Center and Money Museum


Tell us a little bit about where you work and what you do there?

I conduct museum and educational outreach on behalf of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. I write curriculum to national standards, conduct lessons for educational groups amongst my many jobs.

What is your earliest museum memory?

 I always LOVED go to the Natural History Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

What led you to go into the museum field?

The opportunity to educate and hang out with cool individuals who like art (and in my case money).

What is your workspace like?

My workspace is made up of décor centered on money and Cleveland artist with unique art work. The historical main lobby of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland is the center piece of a magnificent building that shows great craftsmanship of yesteryear.

What item in your office can you not live without?

My chair.

 Describe your favorite work memory. What was your best day like?

My favorite work memory is my first day of work. I was able to do arts and crafts I the main lobby with the public. This too was my best day!

What does your dream museum look like?

Classic Nike sneakers all over the wall.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

The more you speak the less people listen.

 What are you currently reading?

"Pride and Prejudice" (not really. I have no time to read right now.)

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I love to interact with, and help individuals grow.

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