OMA Releases 2022-2027 Strategic Plan

The Ohio Museums Association is proud to announce the release of our latest strategic plan, a framework document which will guide the organization through the next five years.
The plan steers the future of OMA and is based on the guiding principles to be “people first in all we do, be a trusted resource, cultivate diversity in all ways, advocate and educate, and lead from within.”
“This plan helps OMA venture into the next five years with a clear framework to help us meet the needs and challenges facing our museums and our organization, and emerge into this future a strong, resilient, and responsive leader for our field,” said Johnna McEntee, executive director of OMA.
Through support from the Ohio Arts Council via a Capacity Building grant, OMA worked with the experts at Spark Creative to help the organization facilitate the planning process and bring the six-month, statewide planning process to its final form.
“We are so grateful to the Ohio Arts Council for their generous support, without which we would not have been able to work with Spark. Because of OAC support and working with Spark, our planning process was comprehensive and efficient, helping to set us up for the plan’s ultimate success.” McEntee said.
Support from the COSI Catalyst Group was also critical to the plan’s completion. “A special thank you to the COSI Catalyst Group for their support throughout the planning process,” McEntee continued.
The 2022-2027 strategic plan outlines five priority areas for OMA. These strategic themes are entitled Diversity, Equity, Accessibility & Inclusion (DEAI), Growth and Sustainability, Resource and Partnership Development, Advocacy and Outreach, and Membership Development.
Over the six-month planning period, OMA and Spark conducted a comprehensive survey of current, previous, and non-members of the organization; held one-on-one interviews with 27 OMA members, stakeholders and outside partners; and facilitated thirteen full-group planning sessions, team homework sessions, and final distillation and writing sessions.
“We knew this process and the resulting plan would only be successful with the input and buy-in from our members, stakeholders, and partners. The planning process was truly a team effort – a total collaboration, and was absolutely made stronger because of the input from members and non-members, and the hard work of the 30+ people who took part in our planning teams,” McEntee said.
Click here to download your copy of the 2022-2027 OMA Strategic Plan.
Founded in 1976 by members of the Ohio's museum community, the Ohio Museums Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. OMA works with a variety of museums, museum professionals and providers of museum services to strengthen the state's museums, foster excellence in the field and support museums in Ohio. The Ohio Museums Association connects, educates, empowers and advocates for the Ohio Museum community.
The Ohio Museums Association serves the state’s arboretums, aquariums, anthropology museums, art museums, art center and galleries, botanical gardens, ethnic museums, general museums, heritage centers, history museums, historic houses, historic parks and sites, historical societies, natural history museums, nature centers, planetariums, science and technology centers, youth and children's museums and zoos.
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The Ohio Museums Association’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan is made possible in part by state tax dollars allocated by the Ohio Legislature to the Ohio Arts Council (OAC). The OAC is a state agency that funds and supports quality arts experiences to strengthen Ohio communities culturally, educationally, and economically.

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